Meet the Girls

The Girl’s Chat Podcast 

On The Girl’s Chat Podcast, we discuss current event topics that women all over the world are discussing. We want our listeners to feel like they are a part of our group chat, and we hope that our listeners will listen to our experiences and opinions and learn something new. We want to grow with our audience and we believe that can be done by them providing feedback so we, in return, can learn from them as well. Follow us on IG, Twitter, and Facebook- @thegirlschatpod

The Girl’s Chat Podcast is Hosted By:

  • LexyL3x - Co-Founder, Host, and Executive Producer

  • Chris - Co-Founder and Executive Producer

  • Robyn - Host

  • Kacee - Host

  • Brittney - Host

  • Danielle - Host

  • Jyni - Host



Christina a.k.a. “Chris” is the CEO of Purple Unicorn Productions. Christina was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She has lived in The Bahamas and Jamaica as well. Christina serves as the executive producer and co-creator of The Girl’s Chat Podcast. She is also the host of CarTunez! with LexyL3x. Also, she manages LexyL3x and TFE Sheedo. Christina has always been creative. Her passion is to be the female version of Diddy in the entertainment industry. Follow her @ohhh_itschris on Instagram.



Lexyl3x is the CEO of Purple Unicorn Productions. She is the host, executive producer, and co-creator of The Girl’s Chat Podcast. She is also the co-host of CarTunez! with Christina. Born and raised in South Florida, Lexy spends most of her free time at home shooting OF content and loving on her two cats Khloe and Boomer! She is a plus-sized, sex-positive member of the LGBTQ community. She’s also a host of Savage Life Podcast. Follow her @LexyL3x on Instagram, Twitter, and Onlyfans.



Nine times out of ten, Robyn is 30-thousand feet up in the clouds and waiting for the WiFi to kick in so she can check The Girl’s Chat. She is a Production Coordinator for various large SoFlo events. When she’s not working she’s usually busy being a plant mom and planning her wedding with Da Baby. The always-down-for-whatever friend who believes there’s nothing a cup of tea and Beres Hammond can’t fix. Oh and wine! Definitely wine! Follow her at @redrobyn_yummm on Instagram. Follow Robyn's travel page on IG @cloudygrasshopper

Jeremiah 29:11.



When she’s not planning community events for a major South Florida hospital, Kacee is probably somewhere listening to Mary J. Blige’s My Life album for the 6856th time. Self-care, concerts, and spending time with family and friends keep her sane. If you ever need advice, she can’t give you any but she’ll be there to listen. One thing everybody can agree on about her...she’s going to fall asleep. Follow her at @_showkace on Instagram.



Danielle is a Senior Account Executive at a dynamic advertising agency in Miami. Born and raised in South Florida, she is a boy mom to her 5-going-on-15-year-old. A big-time Disney enthusiast and movie buff, Dani is known for overthinking everything and will do just about anything for a good bowl of mac and cheese. Follow her @dani.cave on Instagram.



Born to two athletic parents, Brittney, also known as Guc or Gucci, is the definition of someone who can do both. Getting her hair and nails done is a must, but not if it means missing Sports Center. Brittney’s life took a turn when her mom passed in 2018, but that didn’t stop her drive. She works in Communications and is also now a full-time sister/mom to her two youngest siblings. She is newly engaged to her amazing fiancé and is enjoying this thing called life. She is a firm believer in God and believes that without him, she is nothing! Follow her at @gucciii2x on Instagram.



Jyni is a proud Haitian/American Paralegal at a prestigious Law Firm in Miami, FL. Born and raised in the county of Dade, Jyni has a profound love for family, friends, sports, and dolphins. She is also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. If someone were to make a movie about her life, it would probably be called Love & Football. Follow her at @justjyni on Instagram.